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tv   Cashin In  FOX Business  October 28, 2012 2:30am-3:00am EDT

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out. presidential nominee make the final pitch. two-thds of employees are stressing out as the economic recovery stallingut. time to give them credit for keeping america great. i am cheryl casone, welcome to cash in. we have john and traces and joining us sally cone is with us. and i want to start wu. burned out workers helping the economy. how does that work? >> if we live in utopia they would skip to work and share cookies on the coffee break. we are seeing even though people are in jobs they can't stand. myself not included. you go to work because you
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have pay the bills and keep yourosholted going. you are not quiting on yourself and that is part of the american drive that is keeping the going. >> is it good that 63 percent . workers feel stressed out and extreme fatigue. is that good for business? >> no, it is not good that americans are feeling stressed out. we are in bad economic times and have the lowest labor participate . 37 million americans are in poverty out there. but the fact that americans show up and go to work. it is what the greatest generation did in world war ii. i have been over to see what our soldiers are doing. times are tough and merrence are stressed and we have structurally high unemployment and america is n used to that. but americans show up to work and plow ahead. >> more americans say showing
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up to work is a number one priority. is that good. >> i agree with everybody else. obviously part of what makes americans hard working and makes us great. we keep work of course we are exhaust stressed out. people are working longer hours and productivity has gone up but wages are stagnant for over 30 years in this country while profits have risen. we are bleeding working people as much as we can and they are not getting any benefits. you have american businesses that do financially and help the u.s. economy? >> american workers are stressed out. what is more stressful is nolt having a job. stress is a normal part of the
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life and work and we know we are capable of overcoming it. wh the study spoke to was a feeling of hopelessness and nothing you can do to achieve and succeed. i think that comes from the fulture that said as sally alluded tompt it is rigged and one percent control and you need government to live your lifend make decisions . that kills self-esteem. >> look at the numbers. 53 percent of the workers said they will take stress breaks and find way to deal with stress to keep working. that is a level of commitment they are showing. yeah, this is so much video do sciko babble. i am stressed you are stressed and everybody gets stressed. i mean some guy on the assembly line. how about the guy in the top
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who is working overtime and trying to make the numbers work. he's stress the guy who is trading stocks like johnathon he's stret. if the markets go up he's happy but down he's stressed. vuto live with it. paul. it is worse because we ared about where the economy. i show up. if i don't show up in my st i get laid off that. is a stress we haven't seen in a long time. can i ever show my house again and look what happens if we do achieve and create jobs and make money and make it. we are lambaste demonized oh, u didn't earn that and you owe more to the common good.
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>> to his point is what workers are telling us. they are just showing up m. >> look. i don't think we are versus capitalism versus socialism. we are talking about how they enable workers to feel they are productive versus use crewed up spit out. we have capitalism that worked great in the 50s and 60s when workers put in hard work and bosses made mon yeworkers saw productivity and family wealth grow and now they are working harder and getting less to benefit. that is not blaming government. it is not fair, we owe those workers an answer . >> one of the thingings that worker productivity that does help a business out is the fact they can achieve more with less. we are i a bad economy where that is is a requirement of doing business in the u.s..
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>> look at facebook. they created a billion company and came out higher than that. and with only 2000 employees. they don't need more employees. s are up and they are not hiring people and pass down. it is different with the tech companies. that sam billion dollar company at the railroad has 10 times the number of employees. we county have jobs that are create needed by the large . that's why we need a energy plan and jobs plan to get things done. salliments to go back to the 1950s. go back to the 18 90s and most productist before the entitlement stat and governnt hand out to help us live our lives. it was the most productivity point in american history .
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you don't get workers feeling like they are stress down. they feel like they are enabled. >> and dying from poverty. >> and the down side is innovation right. and creating new productings. if i am work and stressed out and worried about everybody at home. i am not pushing it further. we are halting because of the uncertainty . to tracey's point. it is a shame that people are not excite to get up and go to work and excited about a job. that is a shift we haven't seen before. >> we went from a manufacturing society to a service economy. and that is going to in and of itself use less and less people. if you go to china they have a booming economy because they are a manufacturing everybody
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is going to be stressed, sure. >> the least stressed is john layfield and i am less stressful looking at him and wher he is today. thank you, great discussion. >> why are critics charging >> why are critics charging that the healthcare law is
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more? more? please sir. he has asked f... thank you. what? well he disay please... sir. yes he did. and thank you. yea. and thank you. he's a wonderful boy. (laughing) a do-lightful boy. please and thank you. pass it on. (crowd of children) thank you.
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crilticings slamming the health care law. they are labeling itaxpayer nded bribe. you agree with t criticings. >> this is cronyism, cheryl. the president goes around with a bag of goodis and hand out. cheap loans for students and solyndra for the greens and of urse, this extra payment for medicare patients? and paying some doctors more to treat patients mor for two years and a total arbitrary confing plan instead of addressing the entitlement. is getting votes in the process. >> it is only a temporary measure and only lasting two years. >> johnathon tagged approximate right. confusing is the worse. they are saying details are yet to be worked out.
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the administratn has not begin the final rules yet and they haven't plished the rates for medicare for 2013. here is a bill over 2000 pages long and put it together with glue. and no one read it or understand itself and they dump it on the bureaucracy and say you boys go ahead and interpert how we do >> and the federal government never knows what they are going to do. i hear the word uncertainty. it is for patients patients who are rejected for medicare or medicaid. poor people don't have insurance and they will either go to the emergency room and get exceptionally expensive care that we bear the cost of over go to doctors. now enough doctors are not
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treating for medicaid because reimbursementerates. it seems like a good idea? nancy pelosi said now we signed it, we have to read it and to wayne's point. every day we'll hear more and more. we have to fix it. and it is not right . band aid for cash to give to somebody else before we figure out what to do next. i go back to a tempary measure and does it somp t over all problem that medicaid patients and doctors are face nothing all of this. >> it is right. they are not sure what to do with the obama care . what sally said is correct economically. better to pay insurance or rising cost of the health care. but obama care, we didn't
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reform anything. all we did stick 30 or 50 mor people on a insurance role without the problems of health care and now they are talki about doing something with it now. that's what is you causing it to be worse and a short fall of 10,000 over the next year to deal with it. >> sally, get in with this. the issue is mal practice lawsuits and they didn't get protection. >> i didn't think we were going to relitigate obama care. everybody seemso maybe except johnathon who want to get rid of medicaid. and providing coverage for people - on poor people. you don't like the way obama was con-- >> let me make a point. all . careou wanto give and help you want to give is destructive to health care . he wants to pay people 64 percent more is a arbitrary
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number. wages exist in rlity and all of the intervention to fix the market place destroys it. >> you know, johnathon i rather be in american with medicaid and medicare than america without it. >> it has to be addressing the lem fant in the room. we are ptting band aid. >> cbine both in the process and address it >> poor people have betterare before medicaid. >> it needs to be fixed. you can't keep doing what you are doing. >> and we have to address medicare and medicaid. we are trying to force doctors and bribe doctors to deal with medicare special medicaid. and vote for the president. >> see why we are facing a short fall of 10,000 doctors because they hate this. >> and up the payment to get
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them to treat the patients. we'll move on. the goverent is shelling out more student aid is good news. wawawawa
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>> i hope college kids are taking path courses. tuition costs are jumping 100 percent . the cost of the private colleges rising 60 percent that. is a 40 percent difference. you say because of all of the government aid in the public school system. >> we are sending federal
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money to the public school system. if tuition keeps going on. the government screwed it up. and they are getting hit it is a syllabus for disaster for educatin our kids. >> wayne, 100 percent jump in the last 10 years, that is pretty big. in michigan state. he said you know, the students don't li the old style dorms where they share bathrooms. well enough. it is a prive privilege to get an education and you can't just abuse it. and so the fact they build new dorms and a lot of that is
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rushish. put it in the classroom and teachers and students where it will have an affect in the end and so that you see it in grades. >> sally do you support the fact that you keep giving. >> were not. federal money goes to research grants and stuff like that. not for operating costings. but the states are what fund state universities have cut their spendog state universities 15 percent and enrollment went up 12 percent . meanwhile public universities are $5000 cheeper than private. this is a mountain out of a hole hill. >> wayne, that is happening out in california. >> it is happening everywhere. i say i think sally is right in that sense. you have to put the money where it is going to serve the people and the educational purpose. it will sench them in university and the government gets out of the business of
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being a principal or deanr schoolmarm. governmentopoly and regulation and increase prices. and the reason the iphone went down it doesn't have that monopoly. we need enterprise and not more government spending which is the left's only option. >> in the end of the day, we are not seeing great gpa's cong out of t universities. >> they are coming out with degrees they can't use. political arts and science dregrease. they might as well not go to college. we are facing a short fall of tech engineerings. and we are not doing anything to try to cover that short fall. sally is right. the problem is the public colleges is that the states are having to cut spend it is e priorities of the states spending can approximate but keeping the social entitlements and they reform them to give something to
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education. >> i am still using my communication degree. and sally, thank you for joining. >> tt is not liberal artings. >> oh, john. >> but mine. >> and forgethe election, why big laborororor
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>> it's time for what i need to know next week. >> after the election there is
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events to pssure lawmakers not to save social security and medicare. >> and john lay field. >> if you listen to wayne and johnathon you make money. there is a way to work with ford and it is a good stock. >> and up to wayne rogers. >> thank you, john. i like ford, too. the cash america trade suggest less and nine times earnings. >> johnathon? >> i like the floating rate funds pennant park. pflt. i ownit in my asset management enterprise. >> and it will do well. >> quick reminder with the election closing n neil cavito will be here next weekend. and live sunday


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